Erstes Goetheanum

Dornach, Schweiz, 1913-1922

South-western aspect

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Rudolf Steiner , Austria

The Goetheanum was built as a theatre for the performance of Steiner’s mystery dramas. The building’s form was to surround its living, anthroposophical content like the shell of a nut encloses its kernel. The motif behind the building are two intersecting cupolas. These represent the interweaving between physical and spiritual reality. In the creative tension between spirit and matter takes place the development of the human being and the world, which finds its artistic expression in the metamorphosing capitals and bases, in the paintings inside the cupola and in the coloured windows.

The first Goetheanum was an all-encompassing work of art in which architecture, the performing and visual arts merged together into a united whole based on a spiritual view of the human being and the world.

Rudolf Steiner
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