Secondary- and elementary school

Marl, Germany, 1960-1971

School from the playground

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Hans Scharoun , Germany

On the occasion of the "Darmstädter Gespräche", a forum which was to discuss the architectural direction of the reconstruction, Scharoun prepared a design for an elementary school. The leading theme for this school was the development of the child through the different age levels.  Through interior design, colour and orientation according to the four cardinal points, he tried to design the classrooms with a view of  supporting the developmental needs of the child.

The particular design was never built but it formed the basis for his later school designs in Lünen (1955-1962) and  Marl (1960-1971). The classroom designs in these schools also follow the particular age groups of the children. The hallways were envisaged to be social spaces. The heart of the school organism is the concert hall, in which children, teachers and parents are able to meet as a community in a shared appreciation of the arts.

Hans Scharoun
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