Church of the three crosses

Vuokkseniska, Imatra, Finnland, 1957-1959

Exterior, southern aspect

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Alvar Aalto , Finland

In order to underline the significance of a church located in an industrial area,  Aalto designed a striking bell tower for the building.

The vertical impact of this freestanding tower is in stark contrast to the horizontal layout of the actual church building. The front side has a flat facade while the side facing the forest swings outward in three curves. Two of these curves make room for large removable walls by which the church interior can be divided into several smaller spaces.

The interior of the church derives its special dynamic through the fact that the space rhythmically widens towards the rear, while it rises towards the altar at the front. High up on the east side there are three fan-shaped clerestory window units which bathe the interior in a festive light.

Alvar Aalto
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