Little Yarra Steiner School

Yarra Junction, Victoria, Australia, 1991-1998

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Johannes G. Schuster , Australia

The physical spaces in which we work and live can have a profound effect on our senses and feelings and can support or detract from the activities that take place inside them.

Children spend a lot of time in the classroom and many activities take place there. Big changes take place in children from year to year. In Steiner Schools every year the curriculum, stories, drawings, discipline, games, subjects etc. change to embrace the child’s consciousness at a given age and to support him or her in the business of  “growing up".

If the children’s consciousness and the teaching contents and activities that change from year to year can find an echo in the architecture of the classroom, it can be a wonderful support to teacher and children. In other words, if the shape and feeling of a room can respond to the atmosphere and nature of the activities going on inside the room, something happens akin to the well-proportioned body of an acoustic instrument, which amplifies the tone and makes it sing.

Johannes G. Schuster

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Johannes G. Schuster
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