Schepens Residens

Heide-Kalmthout, Belgium, 1996

Sketch with the motif for the residence

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Marc Schepens , BelgiŽ

To create an open space in the forest, to get a feeling of place and erect a building which meets the environment and completes it appropriately -- this was my intent for the design of this residence.

A staircase winds its way out of the garden up to the residential level which offers a view deep into the forest. Budding leaves, spring green, coloured autumn leaves, bare twigs: through the big windows you live with the seasons and the birds.

The structural laminated timber beams reach up vertically just like the trunks of trees. At the top, behind the timber cladding of the curved facade, the bedrooms are placed as if in the crowns of trees, rather dreamily and with an inward focus.

Marc Schepens

Marc Schepens
Koningin Astridlaan 3
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