Presidential Residence Mäntyniemi

Helsinki, Finland, 1987

Internal view, reception room

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Raili und Reima Pietilä , Finland

Originally we pictured a melting glacier above an end moraine, glistening with wet rock and ice. Mäntyniemi is built directly on a rock that mutated into a magnificent sculpture during the ice age. The building was meant to become a part of the landscape. I had strong thoughts about the compacted ice in front of the coast line while planning the project. In spring when you lie on the ice, looking towards the coast, you will recognize the forms of the compacted ice in the forms of the building.

The early floor plans for the residence deliberately avoided fixed contour lines. This created the possibility of cleanly developing the design from within, without being restricted by external walls. In its final version the external appearance ended up with a massive base, while becoming light and fragile in the upper glass sections.

Reima Pietilä


Raili und Reima Pietilä
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