Rudolf Steiner-School Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria, 1995

School buildings with mountain chain

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bpr architektur und design , Germany

The motif for the design arose in collaboration between architect and school community. The school and school yard were meant to resemble the form of  a "valley within a valley". The school is placed into relationship with the magnificent landscape and features buildings which try to enter into a dialogue with the surrounding mountains.

The school organism has its head in the staff- and Eurythmy rooms. The classrooms evolve like vertebra along a three storeyed spine. Each room has its own form which relates to the development of the child. 

Beginning in Class One with a segmented curve it metamorphoses through several steps into a simple trapeze in Class Six. From there in the first upper floor, the development of form is again reversed back to Class Twelve. In this way the polar relationship between classes 1 and 12  etc. also comes to expression.

Jens Peters


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