Residence Rue des Anglais 52

Lüttich, Belgium, 1991

house and atelier from Rue des Anglais

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Bernard Herbecq , Nederland

This project is about refurbishing a morgue into a residence with an integrated office. It was important for me to do the whole refurbishment myself. I enjoyed the manual work and was able to appreciate how the project, which remained in the abstract at the drawing table, started to become concrete during construction and was able to develop further.

The original chapel was transformed into a reception area. A spiral staircase winds its way up into the living area and the first floor. From there another set of stairs coming from the well of the goods elevator is leading to the architects’ office. While the style of the chapel is austere, the refurbishment is characterized through an elegant and dynamic design - with a lot of concentrated force pressing against the masonry walls and thereby creating a certain tension.

Bernard Herbecq


Bernard Herbecq
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