Airport Railway Station Lyon-Saint Exupéry

Satolas, France, 1994

Entrance hall from the South

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Santiago Calatrava , Nederland

The TGV Lyon- Saint Exupéry Railway Station forms the link between high speed trains, local trains and Lyon Airport- Saint Exupéry. The competition brief encouraged a design supporting the spatial orientation of travelers. To this end, Calatrava divided his design into three clearly distinguishable sections.

The first one forms the roof area covering the six five hundred meter long railway platforms located on a lower level. The curved roof of the entrance hall spans halfway across. . The form of this roof arose from an abstract Calatrava sculpture that took a bird taking off in flight as its motif. From the western entrance, where the aluminum clad steel construction of the roof pivots on a sculpturally treated concrete column, the arches of the roof lift off into the air and spread their wings towards the east. Between these rises the 180 meter long bridge which leads to the airport terminal.

Santiago Calatrava
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