Endlovini New Crossroads Civic Centre

Capetown, South Afrika, 1994

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Greenhaus Architects , South Africa

"We want to have a great round pearl, like the town hall of Cape Town, no matchbox like a dog kennel"...  this was the recurring saying we could hear during the many months long negotiations and amid the bureaucratic back and forth. The result was Endlovini New Crossroads Civic Centre, also called "the little Elephant", born in the shadow of the prefabricated aeroplane hangar, which now forms the roof of the great hall.

In the streets, long rows of demonstrating youths moved past the unfinished walls. One day, together with the children of the nearby school, we built a protective chain against the violent protests. Quickly its contours were drawn and later etched into the boards of the fence.

After the architect had finished his work, a child drew his own symbol of victory and protection - it was a shield with two crossed spears. It has remained the motif  on the fence boards to this day.

Etienne Bruwer

Greenhaus Architects
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