House Fallingwater

Bear Run, Pennsylvania, 1935-1939

Presentation Drawing

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Frank Lloyd Wright , United States

House Fallingwater was designed as a weekender for the family Kaufmann. Edgar J. Kaufmann was a wealthy entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, who owned a property with a small waterfall in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Instead of positioning the house with a view towards the waterfall, Wright built it above the waterfall, thereby creating an intriguing relationship as a result.

Because of the natural stone of its walls the house appears as if growing out of the rock. In stark contrast, the slim concrete balconies are stretched out horizontally, creating a flowing transition between interior and exterior space. The harmonious relationship to nature, the flowing spaciousness and the use of natural materials all combine to make this house one of the most beautiful examples of Wright’s approach to organic architecture and at the same time one of the uncontested highpoints of modern architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright
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